Odds and ends from Monday:

  • For those of you who often wonder whatever happened to Elisabeth Shue and brother Andrew Shue, well -- wait -- who?  Oh yeah, she was in The Karate Kid and he was in, um, Melrose Place. Now I remember. Cool. Variety announced that both siblings will play roles in the film Gracie, to be directed by Elisabeth's husband, Davis Guggenheim. Supposedly, the pic is based on events that occurred when the Shue's were young and will center on a young girl who fights to play on the boy's varsity soccer team after her champion brother dies. Eh, I'd rather another Adventure in Babysitting.
  • Okay, I need to ask this question: Why is it that every single horror script I report on has to do with someone wandering into a strange and mysterious place? Why can't we have any scary films that take place in, say, JC Penny? Anyway, Gold Circle Films has pre-emptively picked up the spec script, Anvil, written by Adam Sussman. While, unfortunately, pic doesn't take place in JC Penny, it does revolve around a girl who stumbles into a remote Kansas town and learns that everyone there is really weird. Blah blah blah -- stuff happens.
  • Contrary to earlier reports that had Oliver Stone directing a film about the 2002 coup in Venezuela, the director said today that he is most certainly not involved in any way, shape or form. During his weekly television show on Sunday, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez claimed a movie was in the works, that Stone was involved and took pleasure in the fact that the United States would probably be against it. After all, Chavez feels the US created the coup in order to force the trouble-making leader out of office. Even if Stone is planning to make this picture, with his ode to 9/11 about to make a splash on the big screen, now wouldn't be the best time to announce a movie that may or may not turn out to be anti-American. 
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