Word comes from Cannes that screen master Sidney Lumet, whose latest accomplishment was making Find Me Guilty and star Vin Diesel far more than tolerable, will next direct a thriller entitled Before the Devil Knows You're Dead. Though "advanced negotiations are currently under way with another award-winning male star" to fill one of the lead roles (the IMDb thinks it's Philip Seymour Hoffman), the movie already features a pretty stacked cast, including Marisa Tomei (girl has an Oscar, you may recall), Ethan Hawke, and the great Albert Finney.

Based on a screenplay co-written by Lumet, the movie tells the intense-sounding story of two brothers (one of whom seems to be played by Hawke) who come up with a plan to rob their parents' jewelry store. Not surprisingly, things don't go as planned, "triggering off a series of events that send them, their father (Finney) and Hawke's wife (Tomei) hurtling towards a shattering climax." Mmm ... shattering climax.

There's no word from Cannes about when the production will begin, or where the film will be shot.
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