He's an interesting little bit of trivia from the soon to be released X-Men: The Last Stand. As is standard with all films, more footage was shot than will ever be used in the finished project. Entire scenes hit the cutting room floor in an effort to make the film's flow feel as smooth and seamless as possible. Sometimes, we get to see these scenes as extras on DVD releases, sometimes we never know they existed.

Thanks to the folks over as Sci Fi Wire, we have learned of an interesting scene which WON'T make the final cut for The Last Stand. According to SFW, in the film we will see a tape released by Magneto, showing him hiding in an underground lair, sharing news/threats with the world at large. It will apparently be a clean and composed Magneto in an underground laboratory of some sort -- but initially director Brett Ratner had planned it as a "Che Guevara" scene with Magneto in military fatigues and a long beard due to spending so much time in hiding.

I, for one, am quite glad we aren't going to see Magneto Bin Laden in this flick. I'm sure the idea made Ratner giggle like a schoolgirl, but Magneto is far too dignified to release video footage to the world which would make him look dirty and uncomposed. Whoever made the decision to scrap the crazy trapped terrorist look made a strong call.
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