HBO's polygamy show Big Love'sBill Paxton is set to star in the bigscreen adaptation of Walker Percy's novel, The Second Coming. It's "the story of a depressed, suicidal widower who falls in love with a young woman who's escaped from a mental hospital." The feature will be directed by Donal Logue (who I think of more as a TV actor than film actor when I think of him at all). This will be his second directing effort since his 2005 movie, Tennis, Anyone . . . ? Logue and Jeff Kitchen adapted the book and say of the couple at the center of the story: "On one level they could be crazy . . . but on another they're saner than anyone." I guess we could say that about most people in love. Walker Percy's most famous novel is The Moviegoer, which not only won the National Book Award in 1962, but was apparently made into a movie in 2002. IMDB's site has almost no information about the feature. Has anyone out there seen the movie?
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