If you are any sort of DC Comics fan, chances are you really enjoy several of the various incarnations of DC animated cartoon properties -- and you are not alone. These little gems have been great for comic book fans everywhere, and have met with generally good response from the community. Boomerang (the TV network, that is) plans to employ three DC animated titles -- Batman Beyond, The Justice League, and Superman: The Animated Series -- as part of a promotional push for Bryan Singer's upcoming Superman Returns project. Boomerang will join the literal throng of companies involved in the crazy, massive promotional smorgasbord on the week before the film releases (on July 24th, to be precise) with a 24 hour animated Superman marathon featuring some of the most popular episodes from the three above mentioned series. Well, favorites from JL and TAS, anyway. There were really only two or so Beyond episodes with Superman appearances, so the selection there is rather limited of necessity. Nonetheless, it sounds like a fun time to me, and it is a promotion I don't have to purchase anything* to participate in, so I'm all for it.

*Okay, so anything other than basic cable, which I already have.
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