Imagine that you are a 14-year-old girl, part of a wealthy and powerful family, and you're sent to a foreign land, to marry a man you've never met in the name of peace and power. Everything is foreign to you: The codes, the rituals, the etiquette. And you're saddled with a single expectation: Produce a son who will be the heir to the throne; everything else you might do or might want is irrelevant. This is Marie Antoinette's story.
Unfortunately, it's not the story in Marie Antoinette -- or, rather, while those elements are in Sofia Coppola's new film about the historic French Queen, they're not its focus. Actually, the question of what, exactly, is Coppola's focus is a good one: Marie Antoinette takes a historical, epic story and doesn't really focus on the historic or epic parts of it, choosing instead to show us pretty images and lavish production values.
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