For those of you who were losing sleep over this one, Chinese state officials have finally given the greenlight to let Mission Impossible 3 screen in the country. The other day, we reported that, apparently, folks were upset over scenes shot in Shanghai which featured rags and underwear drying outdoors, instead of in some fancy, hi-tech laundromat surrounded by glorious skyscrapers.

I'm guessing the Chinese censors never toured Brooklyn and Queens ... New York, that is. Because, if they did, these anti-underwear protesters would find several backyards that featured an assortment of clothes hanging from a plastic line. We're not ashamed -- why are you?  While the film has been approved to screen, there's still no word on when and if it will show with scenes cut out.  Not for nothing, but this is an action flick -- not some "Come Experience Shaghai!" video brochure. Seeing as, with any multi-million blockbuster like this, illegal bootleggers will have a field day peddling crappy DVDs of the film, one would think the Chinese government would want to release it as soon as possible. Do they even know that they're adding more fuel to the fire? Do they care?

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