Summer movie predictions are everywhere. Some are contradictory, some don't make sense, some make me want to limit my summer movie viewing to arthouse theaters. I decided to turn to my most reliable source for the scoop on the best summer blockbusters: my 23-year-old fanboy brother Stephen. He may not have accurately predicted many Oscar winners, but he has a good eye for picking the best  summer movies. So I called him up and after we discussed our recent weird and obscure DVD viewings (me: My Bodyguard; him: 7 Faces of Dr. Lao), I asked him some questions about his thoughts on big goofy summertime movie releases.

Which films are you most looking forward to seeing this summer?
  • A Scanner Darkly -- "I'm not too wild about Keanu Reeves playing another Matrix-esque role, but Robert Downey, Jr. and Woody Harrelson could entertain me playing with a cardboard box."
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