When you read this headline, you probably rolled your eyes at the thought of yet another poorly thought-out and rushed-through production video game tie-in for a movie blockbuster. In fact, I did the same thing when I first heard the news. However, it turns out these games are in fact NOT of the electronic "video" variety, but rather the more classic and less popular "board" variety. Not only is there an official Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code: The Board Game: The Quest for Truth headed to a store near you, there are apparently a number of look-alikes hoping to cash in on some of that sweet controversy action. Briarpatch, for one, is bringing you Da Vinci's Challenge, Da Vinci's Challenge: The Card Game (playable as both a standalone as well as an addition to the board game) and Da Vinci Mancala -- I'm not actually sure how this one works, per se. Presumably it is just Mancala with some fancy pictures added in somewhere. Also being published are two other board games named The Da Vinci Code Board Game and The Da Vinci Quest. A few of these have vague licensing associations with the novel, but only The Quest for Truth has official movie tie-ins.

Okay, I'm a big board game fan. Both my families (mine and my fiancee's) enjoy them, and so I get to play quite a bit.  My question is really ... who believes the board game market is deep enough to support this many games based on an action movie/book? Sure, maybe an official game or two could be fun-ish, but do we really need or want a Da Vinci mancala? Somehow I'm just not seeing the draw ... but maybe it's just me.