Look out for flying pigs: The wildly unmarketable, compilation-style porn flick Destricted (review) has actually been picked up for US distribution. Though the movie was passed over by American companies at Sundance where it had its debut (at that time only UK distribution was secured), IFC Entertainment bought the rights at Cannes following a recent screening. According to Screen Daily, IFC plans to give the film one of those increasingly-popular simultaneous home-and-theater releases; it will be on screens -- presumably in IFC's own facilities, at least in New York -- and available via video-on-demand through their FirstTake branch.

For those of you not up on your arty porn, Destricted is made up of seven segments by different directors (Larry Clark, Matthew Barney, and Gaspar Noé among them) who were told to make pornography and to keep it shorter than 20 minutes - anything else they did was up to them.

So  maybe there's hope for Shortbus after all, huh? Screw the MPAA, bring on the porn!