Okay, now we're cookin' -- a Ghost Rider trailer is currently online and available to watch, like, a million times in a row. Well, that's if you want to know the real reason why the studio quietly shifted the film's release date from this summer to February 2007 (a/k/a "here is where we dump the crappy movies and hope no one notices").

That's right, after checking out said trailer, something didn't quite sit right with me. Now, I'm not sure if it was last night's Chinese take-out or Eva Mendes appearing as if she tried out for the part of Denise Richards in How to Steal Your Best Friend's Man and Still Look Sexy, yet somehow wound up with a role in Ghost Rider instead. Oh, and why the hell did Nicolas Cage take on this Marvel character in the first place?

Look, I'm positive most of you will go watch the preview, then come back here and scream, "Dude, what are you talking about? You obviously have no knowledge of Ghost Rider and no business writing for this Cinematical website. Jerk." It's cool. I understand. However, first I have to say that this film looks so bad, I'd buy the DVD only so that I could throw it at someone I didn't like. And that would be me on a good day. Hey, but totally judge for yourself.