When I first noticed this story, I actually thought it was about yet ANOTHER magician movie (Which would make, what, like 16 in the next 18 months, or something?). It turns out however, that it's just about the cast of one of the projects we already know about -- rememberThe Great Buck Howard? The movie that is going to star (oh, the clever casting) Tom and Colin Hanks as father and son? You don't? Well, to review: Hanks the Younger plays a lad who is hired by a washed-up magician to be his new assistant, much to the displeasure of his dad, Hanks the Elder.

Originally, Kevin Kline was expected to play the magician, which (for me at least) gave the movie most of its potential appeal -- a pissed-off, over-the-hill magician Kevin Kline could only be a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, however, those negotiations seems to have fallen through, and John Malkovichhas been brought on board to play the role. (He's apparently everyone's #1 second choice at the moment.) Needless to say, this is a casting change that completely alters the feel of the movie -- it'll be interesting to see how it turns out.
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