Thanks to Samuel L. Jackson, even those of us who never watched the show are familiar with at least one character from the 1970s TV series, Kung Fu. What's surprising, really, is that it wasn't made into a movie right after Pulp Fiction came out -- if they would have hired a flashy, name director, you know the theaters would have been packed, at least on opening weekend. Instead, the series has been sitting around ever since the rights reverted to story creator Ed Spielman more than five years ago (when they still owned the property, Warner Brothers briefly thought about a movie, but nothing ever came of it).

Now, finally, the movie is coming. Legendary Pictures (a newish, WB-based company that has a first-look deal with the studio) recently optioned a screenplay written by Spielman himself, along with series writer Howard Friedlander, and has revealed that the film's content will be very familiar to fans of the series: According to a Legendary exec, the movie will "explore the events on which the TV show was based and the origins of the main characters." Though there's no information available on how soon this might be in theaters, casting is bound to cause a minor internet frenzy -- I can't wait for the "WHAT?! That guy can't hold David Carradine's proverbial jock!" forum posts.
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