Hot on the heels of the "We Love 20 Minutes of Dreamgirls!" frenzy at Cannes, a long, making-of clip has gone up at Apple. According to Hollywood Wiretap, it's part of what was shown at Cannes (but not, sadly, the actual movie footage), though whether that's true is anyone's guess. Basically, the mini-feature is made up of fairly short clips from the movie, mixed with comments from director Bill Condon. Additionally, each of the stars is introduced, and lots of good things are said about them by Condon, their co-stars, and anyone else who happened to be hanging around the set: We meet Beyoncé (gorgeous), Jamie Foxx (meh) Jennifer Hudson (weirdly passive in the behind-the-scenes footage, but awesome in the one clip of her smacking down Jamie Foxx), Anika Noni Rose (a Tony winner with mad singing chops), and Eddie Murphy (who looks pleasingly aged and non-hammy).

The movie comes out during the Oscar-friendly month of December, but if they keep it up with these featurettes, we just might see the whole thing by September.

[via Hollywood Wiretap]
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