Odds and ends from Tuesday:

  • In a career-defining move, Hilary Swank is set to play a character who, from what I understand, will spend the entire movie as an actual female. Deciding to throw aside the "butch' roles for the time being, Swank has signed on to star in P.S., I Love You, based on the novel written by Cecelia Ahern. Story focuses on a widow who finds notes from her dead husband that then send her on a series of adventures.
  • Reunited ... and it feels so good. Heath Ledger and wife Michelle Williams (They're married right? Or, do they just have a kid together?) will star in Todd Haynes' "If I have 47 men playing Bob Dylan, I wonder if it will confuse people" biopic, I'm Not There. Ledger will replace Colin Farrell as one of the many Bob Dylan's featured throughout the film. A slew of people are already attached including Julianne Moore, Richard Gere and Christian Bale. However, according to Martha, Oprah and Venus Williams will get in on the action too. Yeah, let me know when that happens -- I'll be over her by the window waiting for the dogs and cats to start falling.
  • As we told you the other day, seeing as The Da Vinci Code cracked an assortment of box office records this past weekend, a sequel is already in the works based on Brown's Angels and Demons novel. (Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Jesus marries Satan in that one?) Though there's no word on whether Ron Howard and/or Tom Hanks will be involved, Sony has already tapped scribe Akiva Goldsman to pen the script. The studio is probably so ecstatic about Dan Brown right now, it wouldn't surprise me if they assigned a few executives to be his servants so that the man can pump out a book a month. Marry me Dan Brown!
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