You may not have heard of young Australian actress Abbie Cornish, but chances are you're going to know exactly who she is pretty soon. Cornish won Best Actress at the AFI (Australian Film Institute) Awards in 2004 for her role as Heidi, the runaway teen in Somersault, and she's followed up that role with a slew of roles in upcoming films, including Candy with Heath Ledger, Ridley Scott's A Good Year with Russell Crowe, and Elizabeth: The Golden Age, with Cate Blanchett. At least part of the reason you'll be seeing more of Cornish in the near future is her performance in Somersault.

Cornish plays Heidi, a 16-year-old who runs away after being caught by her mother making an awkward sexual advance on mom's boyfriend. Over the next two or so hours, we follow Heidi's progress (or lack thereof) in learning to navigate relationships with the opposite sex. That's pretty much all there is to the movie, and yet it's one of the most memorable films I've seen in a long while, thanks in large part to Cornish's remarkable performance capturing the essence of this lost, lonely woman-child struggling to make her way.

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