I remember seeing years ago now, Quentin Tarantino's little mash note to Asian movies at the beginning of Wong Kar-Wai'sChungking Express and Takeshi Kitano's Sonatine. He brought them to art film success on home video. Now it seems that his enthusiasm for Asian cinema will have a larger outlet and platform: Tarantino will be working with Bob and Harvey Weinstein to develop their new Asian label, Dragon Dynasty. The Weinstein Company (TWC) will build the brand by expanding its library of Asian films (they have titles such as Ong Bak 2, The Killer and Hardboiled) by aquiring films across all genres of Asian film. Selected movies for theatrical distribution will be released by TWC.

It's a smart move on the part of the Weinstein Co. to bring on Tarantino. He had trailers for Hero attached to release prints and DVDs of his Kill Billfilms and even did a press tour to promote the movie. When Hero was released it became the first Chinese-language movie to place at No. 1 in the American box office.
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