The AP scored an interview with the femme fatales of the upcoming X-Men: The Last Stand at the Cannes film fest. The interview was rather entertaining ... although not always intentionally so. Allow me to share the salient points with you summed up into nifty bullet points.

  • When asked if they envied each others' groovy powers, the actresses mostly seized upon the question as an opportunity to complain about how lame they were -- especially Halle Berry. In an answer which made negative sense, Halle in fact indicated that "I envied that I never really got to do my powers until the third movie. Fly and do electricity and spin and make a tornado like I got to do now. I envied that I never got to do what I do." So ... she envied her own inability to be awesome, apparently. Go ahead and follow that logic, I dare you. Anna Paquin, the actress who plays mutant Rogue, complained (probably fairly) that her character survived three full-on action movies without really seeing any action whatsoever, because her character has no combat ability. This is obviously because she has yet to meet and leech Ms. Marvel, but I doubt that would mean anything to Anna Paquin.
  • When asked who would win in a fight, the actresses were all right on the money and admitted Jean (as the Phoenix, anyway) was more or less unstoppable. There were some weird arguments about Storm creating a mist for Rogue to use as cover while she snuck up to sap power, but they still agreed Phoenix would triumph. Points for wisdom there, gang.
  • There was a discussion about hairstyles. I don't want to talk about it.
  • They also each answered a trite question about their individual characters, and gave ridiculously predictable answers. For example, Anna Paquin was asked why Rogue viewed her powers as a curse, and Paquin answered because of the complete isolation it causes. If this is insightful character analysis to anyone I'd be really surprised. He also asked Berry what she thought about Storm's new sense of assertion. I bet dollars to donuts you can predict her answer nearly word for word.
  • The interview closed with a quaint little discussion about what sort of super-boy their mothers would like to see them bring home. I swear I'm not kidding you when they decided "Love Man, Honesty Man, Happy Man!" Well, except Famke Janssen, who qualified "No, not Happy Man. Me to be happy. Not a happy man. God, no." Why she wants her man to be unhappy I have no idea, but I suppose that's her prerogative.
You can really sum up my entire opinion of the interview with one phrase: "Honesty Man?!"

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