Cate Blanchett in Babel

While at the Cannes Film Festival promoting her new movie 'Babel,' actress Cate Blanchett dropped some surprising news on the press: She will be playing a young Bob Dylan in the upcoming musical biopic 'I'm Not There.' Last time I checked, Bobby D. didn't have breasts. With that still-wiry frame of his, I doubt very much that he even has chesticles, aka man boobs.

So what's the deal then? Well, edgy and experimental director Todd Haynes is helming the flick and -- as anyone who's seen his glam-rock masterpiece 'Velvet Goldmine' knows -- he kind of likes to shake things up. Dylan will be portrayed by different actors at different times in his life, meaning that Blanchett won't be the only Bobby D. we see in the film. Heath Ledger, Richard Gere, Christian Bale and Ben Wishaw will also play the legendary bard, all putting their own spin on the man who began a musical 'Hurricane.' So I'm betting Blanchett will depict Dylan's feminine side. Well, either her or Richard Gere.

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