According to a report in Variety, Craig Brewer's grand plan, now that he's a big-time director and all, is to "explore different music genres from his home state [of Tennessee] in each film he makes." To that end, he's followed Hustle & Flow (for those of you who somehow missed It's Hard Out Here for Pimp, that one centers on Memphis rap) with Black Snake Moan which, in addition to offering a whole lot of sexual and racial button-pushing, also addresses the blues (Sam Jackson's character is a "God-fearing bluesman"). And, now that work on that film is complete (it's due out in September), Brewer is heading in a completely different direction with Maggie Lynn, a project being described as "a blue-collar [country and western] film in the spirit of Coal Miner's Daughter and Urban Cowboy."

Now, I love country music, so I'm sort of predisposed to dig this idea, but the film's plot -- it's about a woman who "discovers her self-worth" when she goes home to Tennessee and starts to play country music in clubs with her brother -- sounds like it has potential (particularly because she's with her brother rather than a boyfriend who teaches her to love herself, or some such nonsense). Additionally, the blue-collar and Coal Miner's Daughter references suggest a gritty, anti-glamorous atmosphere, which is reassuring indeed.

Brewer is just about to get to work the a screenplay, and ambitiously plans to be in production before the end of the year.
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