Depending on who you talk to, Martin Scorsese'sThe Departed is either a remake of or just based on Infernal Affairs, a massive hit in its native Hong Kong  -- and elsewhere in Asia -- and a sneakily well-crafted thriller (I spent the first 85 minutes wondering what all the fuss was about and the next 15 being totally blown away) to boot. Whatever its actual relationship to Infernal Affairs -- the producers did buy the series rights, and used them in some way in crafting The Departed -- Scorsese's film stars Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio and, at long last, has been given a release date: According to Box Office Mojo, the movie will hit American screens on October 6.

So, that's the simple, good news. Now we get to the fun part: Christopher Doyle, one of the world's best-known, best respect cinematographers (he shot such visually stunning works as Chungking Express, First Love: Litter on the Breeze, and Happy Together) was the "visual consultant" on Infernal Affairs and, in a recent interview, pulled no punches (for what it's worth, Doyle has never pulled a punch in his life) when asked about The Departed. Among other things, Doyle announced that "it makes [him] very sad to see Marty and so many others genre-fying and gentrifying himself into mediocrity," and then spent some time lamenting the director's apparent need "to suck box office, or studio, or whoever's dick he feels he needs to suck." Did I mention not pulling punches?
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