You know how, just the other day, I was talking about how projects seem to come in pairs? And how the latest example of the phenomenon was the two projects about exactly the same period and relationship in Napoleon's life? Well, just a few days later, Screen Daily's got another story for us about dueling projects (though, in this case, the director of the newest entry insists there is no fighting going on whatsoever).

The subject in question this time is Chet Baker. Already the focus of two movies in various stages of production, the jazz icon is also going to be the subject of a new project from Richard Linklater -- at least that's what the director is telling people at Cannes. According to Linklater, his film, planned as an independent project, with be "a small jazz movie" rather than a sweeping biopic. Instead of examining Baker's entire career, Linklater's film -- entitled Chesney -- "will look at one day in the life of the jazz legend before he was famous." Hmm. I'm not much of a Linklater fan, but this sounds like a vaguely intriguing idea, sort of akin to Christopher Münch'sThe Hours and Times, a wonderful little film about an imagined weekend shared by John Lennon and Brian Epstein. Of course, it could also being a totally uninteresting movie about a good-looking kid who plays trumpet -- we'll just have to wait and see.
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