According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jane Campion, of whom I accidentally lost track after The Piano, is not dead. (Ok sure, I know NOW that she for some reason makes a movie only every three years, but I really hadn't heard her name in like a decade until now.) In fact, she's at Cannes, showing people The Water Diary, a new short, and talking about her upcoming project, a film about John Keats entitled Bright Star. The movie, which has yet to be cast, will explore "the three-year romance between Keats and Fanny Brawne, which was cut short by Keats' untimely death at age 25 in 1821." Boy, that sounds depressing. Well, I guess it could be sad-but-funny ala Impromptu, though that doesn't really seem like Campion's style. The director is finishing up the screenplay now, and hopes to have it to her producers in London in just a few weeks; no production schedule is in place.

Interestingly, Campion turns out to be a bit of a Cannes darling -- don't get me wrong, she's no Pedro Almodovar, but she's had some success at the festival in the past, winning not one but two Palme D'Or awards. The first was awarded in 1982, for a short entitled Peel, and the latter came more than a decade later, when The Piano (at the hands of which I'm pretty sure I suffered permanent emotional scarring) took the prize.
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