Let's make two things clear right off the bat. #1: I love, love, love the Lionsgate folks. They've given us some of the very best horror flicks of the past half-decade or so, and I'll gladly sit through their direct-to-video junkpiles in exchange for stuff like Saw, Hostel, High Tension, Frailty, and (especially) May. No snark here: LG gets my respect. #2: I seriously believe that Neil Marshall's The Descent is one of the best horror flicks of the past twenty years. Yes, seriously. (Even Rocchi liked it!)

So please don't think I'm a heartless whiner when I opine that this all-new domestic one-sheet for The Descent is a big fat load of ridiculousness. (We snipped only a portion of the poster because good ol' JoBlo got the exclusive peek, and we're not about to steal his thunder.) But here's a little game you can play. Click right here to see the new American poster in all its massive ... glory. Then click here, here, and here to see how other countries have been marketing the film. I mean, I know the flick is a tough sell and all, what with the "no-name" cast and the rather simple "women in cave face horror" logline, but hell: I'd rather go with a one-sheet consisting of nothing but enthusiastic review blurbs than this "gymnastic skull-face" approach. If you knew nothing about The Descent, this new poster would make you think it's a flick about a Satanic Twister mat at a sorority sleepover. (Yes, I know it's inspired by a Dali photograph, but that doesn't make it any less goofy!)

Oh, and while I'm griping ... howzabout a release date, LG? The rest of the world already has this flick on a deluxe 2-disc special edition!
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