Odds and ends from Wednesday:

  • When I first heard that Ben Affleck was directing a film in which he also wrote the screenplay, my first thought (without knowing anything about the project) was, "Okay, who's ghost writing it for him?" Regardless of whether or not you got that one, Affleck is currently shooting Gone, Baby, Gone in Boston. Man, talk about guys that can't leave their hometown, now I know why he and Kevin Smith are so close. Anyway, though it's been rumored for awhile, Morgan Freeman has now officially signed on to star in the film alongside Casey Affleck, Ed Harris and Michelle Monaghan. I should note that Gone, Baby, Gone is based on a novel written by Dennis Lehane and has to set some sort of record for commas in a movie title.
  • To all those Lord of the Rings fanatics out there, you may want to shut your ears for this one. Okay, well, here's the thing: I'm not so crazy about Viggo Mortenson. Honestly, the guy is so wooden up on that screen, I half expect women who kiss him to pull away with splinters all over their lips. But what can you do -- chicks dig him. Viggo is now attached to star in the screen-adaptation of the award-winning stage play, Good. Story is set in Nazi era Germany and centers around a professor who gets seduced by the dark side.
  • Let me ask you this: Your good friend makes you a character in one his novels. Some time goes by and this novel becomes one of the most successful in recent memory, so much so that a film is made and Tom Hanks signs on to play you. I'm sure the last thing you would do in a time like this is complain, right? Well, tell that to symbology expert John Langdon (Geez, you'd think Dan Brown would get a bit more creative with the name change) who, according to reports, thought the film version was not as good as the novel. In fact, he claimed it was a bit "over the top." Over the top? You're making a film about one of the greatest secrets ever held in the history of great secrets, what do you expect -- a quiet, silent film featuring an assortment of hand puppets? Look, not many people get to say Tom Hanks played them in a movie. Be grateful. Now, if Ron Howard were playing you, that's a completely different story.
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