There isn't much to say about this one that isn't already covered by the headline -- The Daily Planet (of Supermanfame) now has an official website, although to get there you've got to type in a rather unwieldy URL which includes both Pepsi and Yahoo product names before you actually get to the "Daily Planet" part.* Nonetheless, it is a cute little promotion and you can check it out here.

Really, it's mostly just a snappy looking package for a million dollar Pepsi/Yahoo give-away game cleverly titled "Help catch Lex Luthor!" I'd tell you how to play, but that particular section of the site merely indicates "coming soon." It's probably a safe bet that catching Lex will involving drinking Pepsi and looking under your participating Pepsi bottle cap for a code to enter. The game will officially kick off on June 5, so I guess we will all find out then. In the meantime you can go check out the site -- or at least the front page splash -- none of the other areas are working yet.

*Although typing in will redirect you there.
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