During (and after) the US invasion of Iraq, an anonymous Iraqi architect (who, what the book tours and everything, is now slightly less-so) named "Salam Pax" kept a widely-read blog entitled Where is Raed?. The blog got masses of attention, was serialized in London's The Guardian, and (like every other blog these days) was even published in book-form a few years later. And now, in a logical next step, the blog is becoming a movie.

According to The Guardian, the movie will be called Baghdad Blog (sigh). Despite that awful title, however, it doesn't sound like the film will actually be about a guy sitting in his house, typing, while bombs explode and Americans run by shouting things like "Shock!" and "Awe!" Instead, it will utilize Pax's "warm and often hilarious accounts of everyday life under Saddam's dictatorship" to create a portrait of war from the inside, emphasizing the central character's impressive ability to keep his sanity and sense of humor in such an unreal situation.

The screenplay is currently being written by Ross Klavan; production, under the guidance of director Marc Evans, is expected to start this fall.
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