I have to admit, like Kim, I'm tempted to see The Devil Wears Prada, mainly for Meryl Streep's portrayal of the icy Anna Wintour.The New York Daily News dishes on Wintour's appearance at a VIP screening of the movie. Apparently, she was invited by Streep herself, who had assured her "that her character was an amalgam of other fashion arbiters -- ladies like Diana Vreeland, Polly Mellon, Grace Mirabella and Liz Tilberis." Amalgam, sure. But Lauren Weisberger worked at Vogue, not Elle or Harper's Bazaar, before she penned her magazine-world chick-lit novel (complete with the Boss from Hell). Ever since the book came out, Wintour has refused to comment on it. "They purposely seated Lauren and Anna on opposite sides of the theater," reports the Daily News. "As far away as humanly possible."



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