So, you remember Kristin Cavallari? The random blonde who "starred" in an MTV reality show and is still inexplicably all over the gossip pages, and in the media? You know, the even poorer man's Paris Hilton? Well, despite her obvious lack of talent, the girl is apparently about to get another starring role in a movie: Word is that she's the producer's first choice to replace Jessica Simpson in the eagerly awaited (choke) straight-to-DVD Dukes of Hazzard prequel. (Also, speaking of the producer, here's a direct quote from him about the movie: "It's a prequel, like Batman." Honestly. Words fail me.)

Now that they've (sort of) land themselves a washed-up reality chick to play Daisy, producers are still search for the rest of the cast, including the Duke boys, Boss Hogg, Uncle Jesse and, my personal favorite character from the show, Roscoooooe P. Coltrane. (And Flash is going to be a puppy in the prequel! Aw. Jeez, I may have to see it after all.) Interested in the roles? Well, lucky for you, Moviehole has tracked down the casting call. Here are some highlights:
  • "Daisy's beauty is hidden under a frumpy dress, big glasses and bigger hair ... She makes some changes in her appearance and suddenly Daisy is breathtakingly hot."
  • Bo "tends to run, drive, and leap into things. Literally."
  • And new characters, teen twins Brooke and Ali Handy? Get ready, boys: "At the Hazzard County High School, they have reps for doing anything. They like to hang out by Hogg's Ravine, get naked and lather each other up with tanning oil, which has it's [sic] desired effect on Bo and Luke...SOME NUDITY REQUIRED."
Nothing like soft-core porn to increase sales, huh?
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