Summertime in Austin brings many prayers for rain, mosquitos when it finally does rain, big blockbusters in air-conditioned theaters ... and tons of free movies. I love all the free movie opportunities in town all summer long, even if most of them are meant for children. The AMC theater chain isn't extending its free summer movies to Austin, but other venues are, such as the Regal-owned Westgate and Lakeline theaters. No one usually checks to see if you're with kids, so take advantage of the wealth of free movies in theaters, coffeehouses, parks, and anywhere else imaginable.

  • This week's AFS@Dobie film, which will play all week at Dobie Theatre, is Tibet: A Buddhist Trilogy. The 2005 documentary explores Buddhist monasteries in India and Nepal.
  • The Paramount kicks off its Summer Movie Classics series this weekend with the traditional screening of Casablanca, this time in a double-feature with The Maltese Falcon tonight, Saturday, and Sunday. Other screenings this week: West Side Story on Saturday and Sunday, a double-feature of To Catch a Thief and The Trouble with Harry on Tuesday and Wednesday, and Shadow of a Doubt with The Lady Vanishes on Thursday.
  • Alamo Lake Creek is showing Dr. Strangelove at midnight tonight (Friday) and Saturday. No, they are not offering grain-alcohol-and-rainwater drinks.
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