Odds and ends from Thursday:

  • If there ever were a Hollywood All-Star Game, then the cast of Wong Kar Wai's upcoming English-language debut, My Blueberry Nights, would certainly cut it as one of the teams involved. Just the other day, we told you how Natalie Portman was on board the project. Well, now comes word that Ed Harris has officially joined the cast along with the strong possibility that Kevin Spacey is not far behind him. Am I the only one who finds it fascinating that, with all the talent involved in this picture, Norah Jones, of all people, is taking on the lead role?
  • Okay, I officially take back every nasty thing I've ever said about Eva Mendes. Does she look stunning in that picture above or what? Try. To. Keep. Focus. Breathe. Production Weekly reports that Mendes has signed on to star in the indie feature, Live! Don't you just love movie titles that come with exclamation points at the end, as if to say, "This movie is not just going to suck -- it's going to suck!" Pic will revolve around the head of programming (Mendes) for a network that decides to produce a reality show which would shell out $5 million to the person who doesn't die during a game of Russian Roulette. Sounds fascinating!
  • Even though Cars is being released in just a couple weeks, Pixar is wasting no time promoting their next film, Ratatouille (or, "Let's see how many kids can actually pronounce this one.") A teaser trailer has popped up online and, although it's in French, the good folks over at AICN already have a handy translation guide to go along with it. Supposedly, this will be the same teaser that will play before Cars, only it will come in English with a side order of "Okay, we know Cars is going to suck -- but we promise we'll make it up to you with the next one." [Thanks to multiple tipsters for this one.]