Pickings are a little slim in the new release department this weekend, evidently because everyone saw X-Men: The Last Stand coming and, quite wisely, headed for the hills. (Among those brave enough to challenge Wolverine and friends, incidentally, is Al Gore, whose An Inconvenient Truth opens on four -- Count 'em, four! -- screens today. Given the press assault the movie's makers have launched over the past two weeks, you'd have thought it was debuting in every multiplex on earth.)
And, since I have so much space this week, I'll leave you with a quote from Mr. LaSalle, in which he quite effectively sums up the non-comic geek take on the X-Men:

The Last Stand follows the pattern of the other X-Men films. There are a few terse conversations, followed by explosions, followed by Halle Berry causing a storm, followed by Hugh Jackman sprouting blades from his knuckles, followed by Famke Janssen killing people by thinking about it, etc. In between, we see Patrick Stewart looking worried.