Like most of you, I just freaking love Ridley Scott'sBlade Runner ... but even I find myself overwhelmingly confused by the flick's varying versions. I was too young to appreciate the film upon its 1982 theatrical release (I'd have been bored stiff by it, I bet) but have ravenously devoured the sci-fi noirat least 6 or 8 times on home video -- so I do know the differences between the theatrical cut and the DVD director's cut (which isn't really a director's cut, as it turns out), but that's where I get kinda fuzzy.

Apparently there are only two major differences between the theatrical and director's cut: A voice-over narration and a "happier" ending. OK, maybe not "happier," but the theatrical cut is a lot less ambiguous, and I suspect that's partly why Scott hates it so much. And even if these were the only changes made to the movie, they're really important changes that absolutely mar an otherwise fantastic film. (Oh yeah, and that "unicorn sequence" that everyone seems to hate!)

But anyway, the REAL Director's Version of Blade Runner will be released on DVD this September ... for four months only ... and then there'll be a theatrical run ... and then a mega-huge DVD release that includes ALLLLL the Blade Runner versions in one handy (and inevitably pricey) package. WB might have taken their good sweet time in doing the right thing by Blade Runner (which was dissed and dismissed upon its debut but has since gone on to be accurately cited as one of the finest science fiction films ever made), but they sure do seem to be making up for lost time now. (And if you've ever seen what Ridley Scott helped put together for the Extended Editions of Alien, Legend, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, and Kingdom of Heaven, then you have an idea of what these Blade Runner DVDs will look like.) Yay!
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