You may or may not be aware of it, but Francis Ford Coppola has been quietly at work for several months on Youth Without Youth (the official site, including a short diary from Coppola, is here), his first film in eight years. Filming began in Romania last fall and, if Variety is to be believed, it was wrapped up just recently (as, logically enough, was principle photography on the planned making-of documentary), and Coppola has already begun editing the footage.

The movie, which was written by Coppola and is budgeted at only $5 million, is based on a book by Romanian author Mircea Eliade and revolves around "Professor Stancislescu, an academic forced to become a fugitive" in 1930s Bucharest. The wonderful German actor Bruno Ganz (who recently received universal acclaim for his performance as Adolf Hitler in The Downfall) stars as Stancislescu, and he's joined in multi-national cast by Brit Tim Roth and Romanians Alexandra Maria Lara and Marcel Iures. It's hoped that the movie will be theaters some time next year, but a more specific date has yet to be pinned down.
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