In the wake of all sorts of special interest groups getting offended by the phenomenon that is The Da Vinci Code, news comes from MSNBC that the U.S. jewelry industry "is gearing up to counter any negative effects from the upcoming film The Blood Diamond, which shows how illicit gem trade fueled bloody civil wars."

The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio as a South African mercenary jailed for smuggling in Sierra Leone circa 1999, a time when the nation was in the midst of a terrible civil war. DiCaprio's character specializes in the sale of "blood diamonds" which are used to finance rebellions and terrorists. Apparently the chairman of the Kimberley Process, an international certification program, wrote to the producers of The Blood Diamond asking that it include an epilogue explaining the measures taken to stem the illicit diamond trade.

Similarly to The Da Vinci Code's ways of trying to control religious controversy surrounding the film, it appears that jewelers are already taking defensive measures: "The danger is that people will think the situation in the film is continuing today . . .We're going to educate our jewelers about the issue." A new Web site on diamonds is being set up to answer questions from consumers.

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