Since those of us in the US who weren't lucky enough to be at Cannes will have to wait until the end of September to witness the glory that is sure to be Guillermo del Toro'sPan's Labyrinth, we have to made do with the drip and drabs that show up on-line (most of them in foreign languages but still -- we'll take what we can get). The latest bits were dug up by the folks at Bloody Disgusting, who point us towards four short clips at a French film site (so they're in Spanish, subtitled in French -- two language options for those of you skilled in such things). Though the clips offer nothing in the way of plot or (apart from a very gross bug) effects, they nevertheless give us further sense of the atmosphere of the film, both visually and aurally (I may be alone in this, but ever since I read an article in The New York Times about the incredibly layered sound construction in Mimic, I've been obsessed with listening to del Toro's films, as much as looking at them.), and do nothing to discourage the belief that the movie is going to be something pretty special.

[via Arrow in the Head]
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