An interesting collection of superhero film news has been cropping up lately. None of it seemed big enough to write an entire post about, but grouped all together ... well that's another story! AND it's an excuse to let me use my lovable little bullet points for the second time in one day. Watch me:
  • If you live in the greater New York City area, you should be keeping your eyes open for Tobey Maguire and company. Starting this weekend the Spider-Man 3crew will be there for three weeks, filming in the best locations your lovely city has to offer. Central Park and Times Square are definites, of course. Do you New Yorkers find this exciting, or do you just get tired of film crews intruding upon you all the time?
  • The Hollywood Reporter has finally provided us with official confirmation of what we've unofficially known for a long while now: Fantastic Four 2will do its primary shooting in Vancouver, Canada.
  • City Beat says Superman Returns DID go over budget, thanks to the zillions of special effects shots -- but it's still south of the $200 million mark and nowhere near the rumored $300 million.
  • Marvel dot com has released five stills of the upcoming Ghost Rider flick. I'm still very leery of this one, but I maintain hope. And I don't believe it is part of Marvel's new war chest, so they can probably afford the loss if it isn't particularly profitable. I think. Of course, a loss is never good for business.
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