Well, those of you who thought The Da Vinci Code was going to suck some life out of X-Men: The Last Stand, forcing its opening numbers to drop below those of X2, were sadly mistaken. Talk about one helluva stand, the third (and final?) installment in the X-Men series has reportedly taken in $44.5 million on Friday alone. Someone get me Brett Ratner -- I want to give him a great, big kiss. Muah!

With those kinds of numbers, X-Men: The Last Stand officially took in more money than any film on its first Friday, like, ever. While it fell roughly $10 million shy of beating the current one-day record holder, Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith, pic did manage to knock Friday's reigning champion, Spider-Man, out of its top spot. And what about Da Vinci? Well, Dan Brown was no match for Wolverine, scraping together barely $10 million. Take that Christ haters!  Will X-Men: The Last Stand defeat Spider-Man's three-day record of $114 million? Will Da Vinci fight back? Will I find the time to get my lazy ass off the couch to see either of these films? Martha will be back later in the weekend to give us the final numbers. Man, talk about a cliffhanger.