Disclaimer: I don't know Mike Russell, and I am in no way affiliated with Culture Pop. When I tell you to read it, I tell you only because I think it's worth reading. Got it? Good.

If you don't read Mike Russell's Culture Pop, you probably should at least consider changing your lifestyle to fit it in. Or at the very least, you should click on the following little blue words and read the comic and associated writing for Friday, May 26. You won't regret it, especially if you know anything about Marvel comics. Mike R. uses goofy-yet-appealing little hand-draw versions of Magneto and Wolverine to make observations about the relationship of the new X-Men film to the comic books it draws inspiration from. He touches on the issues of Wolverine not actually being part of the team until 20 years after it was formed while Beast and Iceman were original, fouding members, the mutilation of the Phoenix Saga, and the nod to fans with the Fastball Special. Wolvey and Magneto also point out the absurdly large and complex history of Marvel, with dozens of splinter teams and weird crossovers and conflicting story arcs. They then chuckle at The Last Stand's attempt to seemily squeeze ALL of this into one power-packed silver screen epic. Go have a read, I promise you'll enjoy it.