Marvel guru Avi Arad recently discussed a few of the upcoming Marvel flicks with Empire magazine. Look out, here come the bullet points:
  • Spider-Man 3 -- Arad still refuses to acknowledge (or deny) the existence of Venom in the third installment of the popular film franchise. He emphasized the scope of the third film, saying it will be larger and more intense than either of its predecessors. Spider-Man will now begin exploring the full extent of his super-human abilities.
  • Fantastic Four 2 -- Arad said the story for the second film will pick up a few years after the first. We will find out what the Four have been dealing with since we last saw them, and what (if anything) has happened to the good Doctor Doom. When asked about Galactus, Arad said "What we're trying to do is not show him, but to show someone else, initially." Which Marvel fans immediately read as "Hey, SILVER SURFER!" He is the Herald, after all. Here comes the Power Cosmic!
  • Hulk 2 -- The Big Green's sequel will apparently feel like The Fugitive, according to Arad. It figures to be less of a study in anger (although that'll still be a big part of the story, naturally) and more of love story/action flick combo. Ergo, the major cast members in this one (aside from Bruce) will be Betty Ross and Abomination. Every time I hear about a silver screen fight between the Hulk and The Abomination I get all giddy.
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