Remember, last week, when everyone was all fired up about how The Da Vinci Code, with $77 million, had scored the year's biggest open? And how all the haters were being told to stick it? Well a bunch of mutants went out this weekend and just beat the crap out of Robert Langdon and his stupid code. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new champion of 2006: after that crazy first 24 hours, X-Men: The Last Stand went on to make $107 million in three days, giving it not only 2006's richest debut, but also the fourth-biggest North American opening weekend ever. Yeah, you could say that the folks at Fox are pretty happy.

Though most studios will send out their official weekend estimates later today, the three day totals have The Da Vinci Code in the second spot with about $33.5 million through Sunday, followed by Over the Hedge with $27.2 million and Mission: Impossible III, which looks to be running out of domestic gas, in the fourth spot with just $6.6 million in its fourth week of release. Though its numbers are down about 50% from last week (a fairly typical decline), The Da Vinci Code, which cost about $120 million to make, is now into profit on US sales alone, with total box office returns over $136 million.

When it comes out, I'll add the four day chart (the numbers on which will differ slightly from these) after the jump.
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