Though we keep hearing about how there wasn't much particularly impressive available at this year's Cannes market, news of pretty darn exciting distribution deals nevertheless keep trickling out of France. The latest examples will bring a pair of much-hyped movies to the states (though one of them might be a lot better than the other).

First is Luc Besson'sAngel-A, the Frenchman's first directorial effort in seven years. Filmed entirely in black and white and under a strict veil of secrecy, the film was greeted by somewhat mixed reviews when it was released in France earlier this year. Though the movie's look and subject matter (Who goes to Besson for sweet comedy?) will perhaps drive away those looking for the action-fests more typical of the director, Sony Pictures Classics has nevertheless decided to take a chance on releasing it in the US. Huzzah!

The second sale is a more surprising one: Festival darling Red Road, deemed risky for distribution because of its unusual style and frank sexual content, was snatched up for the American market -- even before it took the Special Jury Prize -- by the brave folks at Tartan US. No details yet, though, on a timeline for release.
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