Nothing gets me more geeked out than a brand-new Special Edition release of one of the true classics. Yeah, it means I have to drop a fresh 17 bucks on a movie I already have ... but some flicks are just worth the extra effort, you know? One such movie would be the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which is a title I already own, of course, but that particular DVD, with its half-decent extras and mediocre A/V presentation, isn't exactly a piece of digital heaven. (It was good enough for a while, but no more!)

Why no more? This is why: Dark Sky Films, the DVD maniacs I raved about a few weeks ago, are planning to unleash Tobe Hooper's finest flick in a seriously slick-looking mega-package. DavisDVD doles out the specs, and they look pretty damn awesome: Two commentary tracks (one old and one new), a feature-length retrospective documentary, deleted scenes, new cast interviews, trailers, TV spots, 5.1 audio, and a brand-new fully remastered OMG can't wait to see it anamorphic widescreen transfer. Zowie! (I can name one of my old DVDs that just made its way onto eBay.)
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