Despite a worldwide opening of almost $200 million and a domestic take of at least $120 million for X-Men: The Last Stand, Marvel spokesman Avi Arad insists they will stick to the announced plans and end the franchise with the third film. Arad says Marvel and their studio friends plan to focus on the already planned spin-off films Wolverineand Magneto, and have no plans for an X4: "The first reaction, which we should discard, is here comes 'X-Men 4. We're working on Wolverine, which is definitely a continuation, and we have a very interesting script about a young Magneto."

There you have it folks, straight from the horse's mouth. Do you believe him? The box office take for X3 thus far certainly makes it seem like the studio would not want to let the title franchise die -- it's been a real money winner for them thus far. But we've heard nothing recently from anyone in power suggesting they are even thinking of a sequel, so perhaps they are really going to stick to their guns and go with the spin-offs only. Stay tuned to Cinematical, we'll be on the beat for you and we'll let you know when something new develops.