Much has been made of the coming Haloflick, particularly as the film with the most potential to finally break through the video-game-to-movie stigma and deliver unto us a great film based on a popular video game. This hope has taken another small setback, however, as the film's release date is rumored to have been bumped back into 2008 sometime. This has caused some to speculate that the anticipated film is locked up in what studios infamously call "development hell," a worrisome state indeed. The script still exists, and the studio (and Bungie) are still supposedly happy with it, so hope is certainly not lost yet. It's just wandering around wishing it had brought a map.

I continue to wonder about the wisdom of this film. Granted, it has an appreciable built-in audience base and a good premise for solid alien action -- but hey, so did AVP. Can the video game story line of Halo support a silver screen movie? I think the answer to is probably yes, as movies have been written on far, far worse story lines in the past. The question really lies with the studio, and whether they can bring us a desirable product.
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