As you may recall, after the disaster that was his mind-bendingly shrill performance in The Fifth Element (and, given how dreadful that movie was, it's quite an accomplishment to be its worst thing), Chris Tucker wisely decided to dedicate himself entirely to Jackie Chan, Brett Ratner, and their weirdly irresistible Rush Hour series. At least partially because he's so steadfastly selective, Tucker has somehow moved into a really, really elite pay bracket, and is set to earn more than $20 million for his appearance in Rush Hour 3.

Now, though, Tucker has decided to step out without Jackie or Brett: Foreign news outlets are reporting that he's going to star in Gangsta M.D., a remake of a massive Bollywood hit called Munnabhai M.B.B.S. According to The Guardian, Tucker's character is "a gangster who pretends to be a doctor whenever his parents turn up." Eventually, he experiences one of those only-in-the-movies changes of heart, and decides "to redeem himself by trying to become a doctor -- which he hopes will also prove [him] to the woman he loves and her father, a hospital superintendent." Yawn. I can see Tucker being hilarious with the whole pretending to be an MD thing, but the redemption bit would be hard for anyone to pull off without drowning completely in the sea of cheese.

I don't know if they promised him his own mint, or if the script is just THAT good, but I hope our Chris has thought this through -- I mean, isn't his value basically reliant on the fact that he's one of the few people who can actually say "Whatever. I really don't need this gig. Go get Martin Lawrence -- I dare you."? Once he stars acting again, he's  totally screwed.
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