Sometimes you hear about the plot of a new movie and you think, "Damn, why didn't I come up with such a simple concept?" -- while other times you find yourself wondering "Who the hell would make a movie THIS stupid?" Both of those thoughts careened through my brain when I saw the cover for Charles Band's next flick, the inevtiably awful but hilariously stupid-looking Evil Bong. Yes, that's right: Someone finally got the smart idea to make a horror movie called Evil Bong.

If the name Charles Band sounds familiar, then you're probably a serious movie geek who's also the same approximate age as yours truly. As manager of Empire Pictures / Full Moon, Band littered the '80s & '90s with low-rent fun-trash such as Troll, TerrorVision, Ghoulies, and the endless parade of Puppet Master sequels. These days Chuck is running an outfit that delivers titles like Doll Graveyard, The Gingerdead Man, and ... yes, Evil Bong -- which stars Tim Thomerson, Bill Moseley, and (of course) good ol' Tommy Chong.

I've got a perfect tagline for the flick: "Evil Bong! It'll make you hungry ... for a good movie."
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