For some reason, Uma Thurman seems to have decided she's going to dedicate her career to starring in the movies that industry-types like to call romcoms. (Because, you know, busy Hollywood producers just don't have time for all the extra syllables it would take to say "romantic comedies.") From Prime, she moved on to My Super Ex-Girlfriend, and now has signed to star in The Accidental Husband, yet another romance with a wackiness factor somewhere between those of the first two. According to this morning's Variety, the movie has a plot that was stolen from that bastion of creativity, Friends: Thurman will play a woman who, upon getting engaged, "learns she is already married." Wait, let me guess: Drunk in Vegas? (Hey, if they end up going off in an alien abduction, or "drugged and hitched so they could legally steal her kidney" direction, I'll be thrilled to be wrong.) So, Uma heads out to track down whoever this other dude is and, yes, finds herself conflicted. You probably never saw this coming, but she likes them both. And just so you know, it took FOUR WRITERS to come up with this.

The movie, which Griffin Dunne is in talks to direct, will shoot in New York this fall.
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