I promise this is the last daily update on the X-Men: The Last Stand demolition of the American box office. Seriously. Yesterday I reported that, after a wild first 24 hours, the movie continued to go completely bonkers, and ended Sunday with the fourth-highest three-day total of all time. And, if possible, it looks like sales actually picked up on Monday: Now that the numbers are in for the whole weekend, it turns out that X3 made a cool $120 million in four days, breaking the Memorial Day weekend record (previously held by Shrek 2) by over $20 million. Take that, you stupid donkey.

Overseas, however, people were more interested in codes than mutants. The Da Vinci Code lost only 40% from its opening weekend, and still took in almost $93 million from just over 12,000 foreign screens. X3, meanwhile, had a solid open with a total of $76.1 million from about 8500 screens, a total that, according to Fox numbers, is about 15% ahead of how X2 opened abroad. The movie topped several foreign charts, and was particularly popular in Mexico and Brazil, when its earnings made it the studio's second-biggest open ever in both territories.