Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau in The Break-UpI saw 'The Break-Up' last night (for my take on the flick, come back tomorrow), and it struck me that although Vince Vaughn movies may at first seem superficial, there are quite a few valuable life lessons there for the conscientious viewer. Following are the top 10 things I've learned from Vince Vaughn flicks:

10) Saying someone is "business class" is a polite -- and sneaky -- way of implying that they have large buttocks ("too big for coach"). -- Trent, 'Swingers'

9) Don't get out of bed for less than a half a million dollars. -- Eddie, 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith'

8) Be nice to your mom. -- Norman Bates, 'Psycho'

7) "It takes a man to give away an angel." -- Beanie, 'Old School'

6) After getting digits at a bar, waiting two days to call is industry standard and three is money. If you wait six days, you're as cool as Vince. -- Trent, 'Swingers'

5) If you absolutely have to ride on the back of another man's motorcycle, make sure he's wearing a shirt before hopping aboard. -- Ricky Slade, 'Made'

4) Girls love a guy who's on the rebound because he's "like an injured young fawn who's been nursed back to health and is finally going to be released back into the wilderness." -- Beanie, 'Old School'

3) A tattoo on the lower back might as well be a bullseye. -- Jeremy, 'Wedding Crashers'

2) "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball." -- as told to Peter La Fleur by Patches O'Houlihan, 'Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story'

1) If Jennifer Aniston gets something called the "Telly Savalas" from her waxer and proceeds to pad around your apartment in her birthday suit, never EVER let her go. -- Gary, 'The Break-Up'

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